Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the microbe story

as kokocandles, this season has been incredibly stressful. staying up till 3 to fill candle orders, going home after day job for this candlemaking night job, doing craft fairs on the weekends, post office trips before work & during lunchtime, dipping wax & tying bows extra fast to be more productive, at the end of this madness i found the perfect way to reward myself:

post-christmas and feeling rich, i was surfing the web and an item on the etsy front page caught my attention immediately. introducing the most frickin cute ass plush EVER: my christmas present to myself, the "microbe". check out other items in her shop - bubbletime. anyways, i am seriously in love. i feel a bit juvenile & silly, but it would almost seem ok if u wernt my friend anymore and all i have left is my microbe... (which might i add is WAY cuter than you are)

Friday, October 9, 2009

free tee!

some friends of mine are having their grand opening for their screen printing company this weekend! free tee plus refreshments, it doesnt get better than this! tomo & sat, 10-5, plus you get to check out their new super fancy machinery. rumor has it that the 9th & 10th walk ins will get a special deal: 100 shirts 1 color for $249.99. thats friggin $2.49 PER SHIRT. stop by and say hi, hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


so in the last couple of days, i been feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything thats happening. there are so many things to pay attention to, but theres no real meat (you know, like the good stuff) in my life and all that im doing & have. i actually started making a mental list, but it didnt all fit in my head, so here it is:

my personal website
my candle website
my personal etsy store
my candle esty store
my personal email
my professional email
my candle email
my company email
my personal twitter
my candle twitter
another twitter for bigsmilemag
my personal facebook
my personal mysapce
my candle facebook page
contributing some projects for a candle book
currently working on 1 homepage redesign for a travel site
working on temp page for a new client for health foods
working at samsung for the next three weeks
going to restart working on big smile magazine's site redesign
just picked up art for the art show
just picked up candles for the monthly art & handmade show

i think i know a good amount of contacts, how do i make magic happen with all that im doing? let the puzzle pieces fall into place please, fast

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

into "the rabbit hole"

sometime last weekend after helping my friend move into her new apartment, i was feeling increasingly depressed about my own living situation. remembering her mention that she found her apartment prospects on craigslist, i decided to do the same. from surfing apartments to jobs and finally landing on gigs, there are certainly some interesting "opportunities" out there. one of the postings was about a show that very weekend, looking for handmade items! my opportunistic brain immediately went DING and thus the email was sent. hearing back from the coordinator shortly, i got a fantastic response, thus ensuring me a space in the event! "The Rabbit Hole" its called, very cute i thought. unfortunately i was only able to drop off the candles & was unable to attend the actual event (although not thhhat sorry cuz i went on a super fun boating vacay, yes be jealoused).
the resulting of sales in the candles were however initially dissapointing: 2  L-O-V-E soy candles. now i find it a bit amusing that i have a check or $11.20 in my wallet. in the end, it was cool contact made & another way of putting myself out there. would definitely do it again, but i think now im raising my prices...for fun...

art repeats: "ill show you mine" nighthawks show

one day recently i was on myspace and in passing saw a call for art posting from a group called Nighthawks. i was involved with them last christmas when i vendored for one of their holiday promo events. my mind immediately went DING and i quickly submitted links to my munny piece "i think it turned black", which i thought was perfectly appropriate for the show, as the description in the posting read:

I'll Show You Mine . . .
NightHawksLA is currently accepting titillating submissions for our upcoming show "I'll Show You Mine . . . "
If your work seduces, entices, or exalts the taboo, please submit samples or links of your work..."

i mean seriously, my favorite kind of theme, and whats more perfect than the combination of music art & booze? (nothing) so anyways, the coordinator replied with great interest, thus im officially in the show! in the end, suprisingly enough i think i only saw two other artists' work hung that night besides mine. here is one of my favs by the photographer marianne williams.

titillating indeed! i really would like to hang that in my dream apartment. we also caught a set by this adorable band called seeing things. the lead lady vocalist was wearing these thigh-high stripey black & white stockings, cutest thing EVER.

anyways, event turned out pretty frickin cool, glad i could be a part of it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

master cleanse: before the real deal

so exactly same time last year, i did the master cleanse for 7.5 days (i know, i broke that last day during dinnertime >.<) so when this time of year rolled around again, i decided that i couldnt wimp out and skip it. starting tomorrow, im MASTER CLEANSING! exciting huh? no, not eating really isnt that fun. for those skeptics out there though, this cleanse is pretty amazing. you will be suprised at how good you feel, how much junk is in your body, and how much self control you can have (my friend ate a fresh in-n-out burger right in front of me on the 6th day...both of us lived through it). anyways, dont think i will last 7.5 days this time around, my goal is 3. well see how it goes!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

all i gotta say is im amazing

got a call for a suuuuper rush job yesterday, supposedly converting an indesign file to html, no sweat right? little did i know, it was actually converting it into html newsletter, which i would like to add...i have never done before! it always seemed intimidating, and i never had the opportunity and motivation to learn it...until now (and by "now" i mean "today" - as in when the client wanted to launch it). so the launching of the actual newsletter didnt happen "today" but i have progressed from absolutely >.< into a very proud me! heres a screenshot of the top portion of it - yep, all html baby!
i hit QUITE a couple of snags along the way, but thank goooooodness to my fav programmer matt for answering his phone, i can now only wrinkle my nose at those distant snaggy memories. so i realized html newsletters were no big deal actually, but being able to build it in a way where it retains its beautiful self across the email services is a huge PAIN. (apparently backgrounds dont like to display itself in outlook) anyways...i think most of the big issues are solved now, and im just waiting for approval. yay me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the biz of weddings

i created a kokocandles page on project wedding a looooong time ago, and this whole time its been suffering from neglect. today i randomly got a linked request from one of the calligraphy vendors i had to interview when i took my wedding planning class. check out calligraphy katrina's work, her stuff is crazy good! anyways, this gave me a tiny spurt of motivation to list some new pics & update my descriptions. heres my kokocandles page on project wedding, its new and improved version!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

roses & birds & clay oh my!

recently did my first trade on etsy, here are the pieces i received! totally adorable, and feels like christmas in june =) check out the made with clay and love shop from where these awesome pieces came from!

white rose ring & a bluebird pendant (for my classy ladylike days)

black rose hair pins, these make me feel dark & emo (always an interesting change)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

movie fun

looking back at my recent activity in netflix, i realized in the pat month ive seen some pretty awesome movies...like, some serious good stuff that just sticks to you. here is my top 3 of the month

THE READER - i could definitely understand why this movie and its actors were nominated/won all the awards that it did. you kind of hope for a happy ending for the mismatched affair, and you even root for Hannah the war criminal.

THE PIANIST - wow, most depressing EVER. ive hear great things about the movie, but i've held out watching it until now...i think it was the title that seemed unappealing. i could not watch this movie in one sitting, and to realize that these events were real, i just cant even comprehend the potential cruelty of humans. definitely a movie that sticks to you.

DEAR FRANKIE - just watched, and loved it. all the actors & actresses did an amazing job, and i think the story wrapped itself up very well. one of those that i wish went on even longer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

shameless self promo #2

Buy Handmade

some new works mixed in with the old! check out my store at www.kokocandles.etsy.com

Thursday, May 28, 2009

im a promoting machine!

today has been a promotional day on steroids! having fallen asleep with my contacts on, and waking up at 3 to take them out, unfortunately i wasnt able to go back to sleep until the sun came peeking. what to do, what to do...DING! online social networking of course! i created a facebook page for kokocandles. i'd been semi stering away from it before, just because i alllllready have myspace for it, an etsy store, and a an actual kokocandles website. (not to mention, i also have my own graphic design site, my own facebook page, myspace page, plus twitter now) yes its hard to fit all of this in my brain sometimes.
on top of that, i have a couple of things up my sleeve! check out my links/ads on All Things Cupcake and The Money Web USA. i figured, why not right? we'll never know if we dont try! plus my dream is to live off of my candlemaking monay!

Monday, May 25, 2009

voice over site launched!

the voice over website i have been working on is officially launched! check it out at www.marloflanagan.com where you can listen to her demo reels, see her commercial vids & check out her latest projects! yipee!

what we did for her site: complete custom site design, logo & logotype design, custom music player, custom fav icon, video integration & seo work. aint it pretty

and the winner is...

CONGRATS lucky #8!

CeCe's Blankets said...


thanks to everyone who entered! check back often & follow @sprklo0 for new and upcoming contests & sales with kokocandles

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPREAD SOME LOVE candle giveaway by KOKOCANDLES (me)

i think all of us could use some extra love these days, and what better way than a candle giveaway!

(not available in my store! inspired by its taller friend)

-Check out kokocandles on etsy and come back here and tell me what your fav item is

-Follow @sprklo0 (me) on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway & link tweet here(1 extra entry)
-Friend me on myspace & link your myspace page here(1 extra entry)
-Tell me how you racked up karma points today (2 extra entries)
-Blog about this giveaway (3 extra entries!) & link post here
-Purchase something from my etsy shop, then leave a comment telling me what you purchased! (5 extra entries!!)

Deadline for comments/above: May 24th midnight PST. US & CANADA only (sorry rest of the world, shipping to yall is just too much $$!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

how to make a jack in the box head

my newest completed endeavor, made a jack head for my friend's business presentation. turned out to me a more extensive project than i expected, but im very happy with the results! here are the steps i took...

1 blow up beach ball of desired head size (the 99cent store one worked great!)
tissue paper (white)
tacky glue
paint (i used house paint, worked great! you will need white, black, red, yellow & blue)

wires 1(8 & 26 gauge)
floral tape

Transformers costumes from Spirit Halloween!

1. mix about 1 part tacky glue, 3 parts flour with 10 parts water for the paper mache mixture, this can be adjusted according to preference, i was not precise with the measurements at all. people usually use elmers glue, but i had tacky glue handy.
2. tear the newspaper into approximately 2" x 6" and 4" x 4" rectangles, saturate sheets one by one and apply to beach ball, leaving the area around the plug open. let dry completly
3. optional step: wire frame. quite complicated to explain, and i realized it could have been skipped. the wires added strength and support to the overall structure, but the paper mache itself would have held up without it. message me if you would like to know the steps i took to make the wire frame within the paper mache
4. paper mache the ball once more with newspaper, let dry. paper mache lastly with the white tissue paper & a tacky glue + water mixture only, let dry. this last step is to cover the newspaper print so its easier to paint, and also smoothes out any edges.
5. deflate beach ball and remove from paper mache. cut a circle into the paper mache on the bottom so your head can fit comfortably inside
6. paint entire paper mache with the white paint, let dry completly

now we are ready for the fun parts!

1. use the cardstock to make a cone about 3/4 height of the head, secure with tape so theres no edges. use the cardstock again to create the rim of the hat. the shapes of these pieces should resemble soemthing like the illustration. adjust accordingly, and tape to secure.
2. i paper mached the whole hat with white tissue paper just so its a better painting surface, and also to cover up the tape & edges
3. paint completely with yellow paint, let dry. apply a second layer if desired
4. poke a tiny hole about 1" above the bottom rim of the hat. repeat at the opposite side of the hat. (1)
5. place the hat on the head at desired spot, and poke holes accordingly through the paper mache, directly under where the holes were on the hat (2). poke another hole about 1/2" in from the ones we have on the jack head already (3).
6. string the 26g wire through the hat, and into the 2 holes on the head. refer to diagram for clarity!
7. from the inside of the head, pull the two ends of the wire taut and twist together. cut off any excess and bend into itself, so you dont poke yourself in the head

1. use the cardstock to make a skinny cone about 1/2 the length of the head. cut the pointy tip off, since jack's nose is blunt not pointy. cover the hole with tape
2. attach 3 extra cardstock tabs (about 1/2" width ) to the big end of the cone acount the edge, leaving about 1/2" poking out, secure with tape
3. paint entire nose with black paint, let dry completly
4. place the nose at the desired spot on the jack head (about the center of the face) and mark the location of the 3 tabs. use an exacto knife and cut slits into the head, exactly the size of your tabs.
5. insert the tabs into the jack head, and line with glue to secure. let dry


1. sketch out approximately the general outline of where the eyes & mouth will be
2. using an exacto knife, cut out the general shape of it, but slightly smaller (so your cutout will be a smaller version of actual eyes & mouth)
3. take the netting, put it over the eyes & mouth outline & trace slightly to transfer the shape onto the netting, & cut out the shapes with scissors
4. place the netting over the eyes & mouth holes, and secure with super glue (only a tiny dab in a couple of spots would work) let dry
5. paint within the outlines of the eyes & mouth with desired color, over the netting. let dry

now you have a jack in the head that you can actually breath in! yipee!

APY 60

Monday, May 4, 2009


started a new painting tonight. i was incredibly bored and had a crazy urge to read a book, but there were no books around calling to be read so i busted out my purples and reds instead. not sure how its going to turn out, but heres a peek

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sketchy sketch

i was just cleaning my bookshelf and going through old college work, and i found my sketchbook. heres the first sketches ever of my logo! what a trip down memory lane =)

visit my portfolio site

Monday, April 27, 2009

phones and companies

its 3:30 in the morning and i cant sleep. after an exhausting week and a whole sunday of lounging around followed by a long lazy cat nap, here i am. i finished my 1 week assignment at samsung, its been a week where nothing really happened, but many things changed. with the UX team, my job mainly consisted of updating screenshots of the UI screen, updating new measurements & coordinates of these screenshots in their guidelines, and in the end i actually got to make some of these guidelines! (yes, its actually semi exciting..in a sitting down sort of way). working on these reminded me a lot of web design, and i really have to say, my phone screen will never seem same way again.
this past week was also a HUGE moment for one of my new ventures. starting a design company has been in the talks for month and months now with me and some graphic design friends. we officially registered our company, and opened a business account!! having the official papers in front of me made it seem so unreal...this may be my biggest project yet. more to come on my exciting and cool company! =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

blurry eyes: day 2

blogging while waiting for my very slow friend to arrive so we can fiiiiinally go out for dinner. day 2 out of 5! ...and and tired as ever. its been another uneventful mellow day, i wish i sat closer to my coworkers so i can have a semi decent conversation without having to cross whole rooms. i named one of the plants on my table Charlie, and i learned how to work the fancy water/ice dispenser today on the fancy samsung refrigerator. yep, a day in the life...

Monday, April 20, 2009

eyes are blurry

started my first day today with samsung's user interface design department, day 1 of 5. now i remember why i left the production gig at disney. from the moment you get in the office until the moment you get out, its like real life doesnt happen, you are just a machine for the corporation. the cute thing about the office is that they have lushy green plants all over the surfaces, so its actually quite a nice open space to work. the not so good thing is that im using a peecee, and now my brain is confused (yes, a bit more than usual) with all the shortcuts. why is the CTRL button on the PC keyboard all the way on the far left?? my pinky has never felt so stretched. also, no one really sits near me, so im craving some human interaction

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fuzzy warm feelings

its been a bit over a year now since i first met my awesome disney coworkers, and ironically only one of us is still there (actually the one that took over my work when i decided to leave). the majority of the time we sat in this cute lil green office that uncomfortably-ish fit 4, thus named it the "bull pen". whats also ironic is what we were the bottom of the food chain, mostly production artists, an intern, and a designer that lost his cube to an art director, but we had the most fun there EVER! i had a grand idea to get together everybody and have our bull pen anniversay get-together. (yep, i look for all excuses to celebrate) after a tough scheduling and an even tougher rescheduling, only milan, alex and me out of the 5 were able to make it. after a teensy moment of discouragement, we ended up having dinner anyways at our fav japanese soul food restaurant in north hollywood called Dai Chan. What an amazing time with amazing good friends. i've really come to realize that everybody's life is exactly the result of what they built, and really, you can do anything you want to do. so what kind of day are you going to build today?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i used to drag my ex out all the time to see performances by this dance company called hysterica, but i havent been in a while. my good friend currently manages them, so i heard about their new show "crust" @ the unknown theater in hollywood (dont you just love the name of the theater!). i went tonight with my gal pal milan, and it was unreal. very modern dance show, with costume becoming the set while the dancers performed in minimal "outfits"... you will know what i mean if you see it. overall an amazing & inspiring night

i also used to design their promotional materials when i was in college! see it in my online portfolio!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

drippy paperclips

saw these the other day while i was out shopping with my gal pal. i have never been so amused by a paperclip holder before! if i had money to burn, this would be on my desk already =)

Monday, March 30, 2009

play me

right now im in the process of designing the portfolio site for an voice over actress marlo, and we want to put up some of her sound clips pretty soon. i just designed this player for it, and im reeeeally liking how it turned out. now i just have to make it work! the flower is going to twirl when it plays, is this too ambitious a goal? >.<

also listening to oak & gorski while designing, they are AMAZING! ...makes my right brain happy

Sunday, March 29, 2009


so we decided with the logo design above! one down, now onward to biz card & promotional postcard...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

green t

currently working on a logo redesign for a garment printing business called Green T Industries, the boss is deciding between these two logos, what do you think?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

drink up

my munny art titled "Drink Up, B*tch" for our march SENSES show themed "Lucky." cant go wrong with beer, this inspiration came from my friend when we were out for cuban food. i know, i roxor

Thursday, March 19, 2009

pretty in pink

recently i started working on a website (check out her etsy page, she makes jewelry!) for a friend of a friend. she does voice over work, which is actually really cool! heres a peek of what we have so far...

her style is cutesy & girly, so i think the logo (freshly designed, thank you very much) and colors goes well with the image she is trying to project. we have a temp contact page up at the moment, take a lookie here! reel & vids coming soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and the winner is...

CONGRATS lucky #7!
(wow how appropriate!)
Sabreena said...

My favorite thing to do on St. Patty's day is to eat the seasonal Lofthouse soft baked sugar cookies with green sprinkles. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

ST PATRICKS DAY candle giveaway by KOKOCANDLES (me)

whats a better way to celebrate st. patricks day than cupcakes without the calories! (drinking green beer is also at the top of the list)


-Check out kokocandles on etsy and come back here and tell me what your fav item is
-Follow @sprklo0 (me) on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway & link your tweet here

-Friend me on myspace
-Tell me whats your fav thing to do on St Pattys day OR your most memorable one

Deadline for comments/above: March 16th midnight PST. US only.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

t-shirts t-shirts everywhere

had another one of those days where i worked ultra hard but dont getting paid. i met up early with my friend to visit his business partner for the grand bigsmilemagazine.com redesign project. his friend owns a screen printing company, their office was pretty cool, and seeing all the works in progress makde me want to learn how to screen print! the meeting went well, they had a lot of other great ideas they want to implement during this redesign, and i think its going to be a pretty awesome site! dont forget to sign up! =)

afterwards i met up with my usual work buddy at the tea shop and worked on a logo job i have right now. coincidentally, its also for a t-shirt printing business, called "green t industries". these guys though use a garment printer instead of screen printing, so the textures are a bit different plus they can print more colors & gradients. im showing the logos tomorrow, so i need to finalize tonight!

if anyone is ever looking for stickers, car vinyls or t shirts (or anything else printed on fabric i suppose), let me know cuz i got some awesome sources!

Monday, March 9, 2009


some pics i took on a recent trip to SD

paoling-che-photo-cheese-rockthis rock reminds me of cheese

Sunday, March 8, 2009

thoughts on a lazy sunday afternoon

im in a weird mood today, maybe also because im about 20% feeling the effects of being out late last night. senses was another success, its pretty amazing to see the talents of all the artist & their point of views. a lot of cool people came out too, even a girl that i only met once previously at a craft event, and a guy that i havent even seen in years that i had social dance class together with. overall we had a huge turnout for the art side, and im so grateful to everyone who came out to support!

i got to thinking today about the art that i make. i left disney last october when my contract was up so i can do things that i really wanted to do. ultimately, i think i was just craving to be creative again. nowadays, im painting regularly, im taking self defense classes, im working on a couple of websites for trade, im hiking & doing yoga in the beautiful outdoors, but im still lacking in direction. living completely off of my savings plus and staying at my parents house, im not sure what my next move is.

i was at a rock you future event this past week. rock your future is a class at cal poly, where students visit high schools & middle schools to talk to kids about going to college. i went in and out of some of the sessions, taking pictures of the kids & our speakers. basically the whole point is to get the kids interested in the idea of college, and learn about what it has to offer them, since a lot of the schools we go to are in the lower income areas. the speakers were talking about how college is extremely important for success in the future, and how you wouldnt be wanting to live at home when you are 24 or 25. (darnit, thats me.) when the session was done and we met up with everybody afterwards, one of my old classmates that i havent seen since graduation approached me to say hi, and i asked her how she was doing nowadays, and she replied "oh, you know, work" unenthusiastically. it got me thinking...we are here to talk about going to college (which is fantastic and the kids definitely could use some encouragement) but where does it really get us anyways? is it so we can get a job that we are unenthusiastic about? is having a job the only sensible way to go about life? whats the point of all this if we are just ending up unhappy anyways?

so i have concluded:
job = (usually) not so happy = "direction in life"
unemployment = im quite happy = lack of direction

Friday, March 6, 2009

another pre-senses friday

its going to be another crazy friday! first an artist is comin by in the am to drop off his art pieces, then im heading over to north hollywood to pick up a canvas from my gal pal. then over to disney family department to pick up canvases & munnies from some cool disney folks. then im coming home to work on my own piece some more. at 9 tonight another artist is dropping off his munny at my house, then immediately after im heading to downtown starbucks to meet with with another artist to pick up his art.

another 2 artists havent set up a time to drop off yet, PLUS i still need to make more stands for the show tomorrow. no, im not having that much fun

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

smilin big!

met up with my friend today for our weekly bigsmilemagazine.com redesign meeting. it hurt my brain, but heres a tid bit of how it looks like so far, this is their current site. also, the logo is newly redesigned, very exciting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i just had my first self defense class today, and it was FUN! the class is held at ELAC, whos actually doing some construction right now, so i had a tough time finding the entrance of the gym. its like you see it, but theres no way to get to the door! anyways, the setup was a bit ghetto, with itty bitty foam mats spread across the floor, so the whole time in the middle of pinning your partner down, we are just constantly adjusting the mats so we dont trip over them. there was one official teacher, and about 10 minutes into the class, another dude came in an was co-teaching with him. they kept on trying to give different directions...mixed messages in self defense learning is not that effective. the class went like 40 mins over because the co-teacher had no concept of time and the official teacher went to teach his childrens karate class. overall it was pretty fun, i learned how to bring someone down to the floor. plus there a cute guy in the class ;)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

photoshop + beer = shiny!

my good friend showed me this cool lil tutorial on how to make a realistic beer bottle in photoshop. i heart beer!

Friday, February 27, 2009

shameless self promotion

Thursday, February 26, 2009

thrice a week

so my new plan is to work out more than normal, which is none at all at the mo. In a weird way, opportunities have presented itself!

my fellow unemployed friend invited me to do outdoor yoga with her bright and early at runyon canyon yesterday. it felt really good to be outdoors and in the sun on such a beautiful day (i love california!!). im thinking once a week commitment to that wouldnt be the hardest thing ever.

last night, my other girlie asked me if i wanted to go hiking today. so we went to this cool little trail in altadena, where we had to cross like a gazillion times across this stream that ran through the trail. in the end though, theres this mini waterfall where i dipped my very happy tosies. i think i could to this once a week too!

just now, i registered for self defense class at the local community college. im the 4th one to enroll, apparently they cancel the class if they dont have 5 ppl! it also makes me wonder how good a class it is if no one is registering. maybe everyone already knows to to defend themselves? i once took a cake decorating class there and it ended up being only me, my friend, and the teacher. that was fun. anyways, i guess im waiting to hear back to see if my cool class will be canceled.

so thats the tentative plan, workin out 3 times a week. boy do i love variety!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

its like im working, only not getting paid

i had a crazy productive work day today....

lets start from the beginning. since my friend recently quit his job at IMG, he handed me off to someone else to financially advise me with all my (non)riches. so at 1130 this new dude promptly calls me for all my updated information. I must say, having my situation rephrased back to me is a pretty grim experience.

then i met up with my programmer friend at our local coffee & tea shop to talk about his new website & logo redesign. the current site looks like this, and we're looking to unclutter, organize and make it AWESOME! so thats oficially on the agenda of to-dos. we also came up with a GREAT iphone app idea, but i cant tell you want it is ;)

my new artist friend then joined in all the productivity fun as i finished our March SENSES art side flier, i think its lookin spiffy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sad bulb-y

so im going to take a momentary break from listening to my lover darren hayes and blog about my sad sad plant. for a while now, some mysterious insect is eating all the bulby "leaves", and now even the stalks are being eaten. all the naked stems use to be covered with happy thriving bulbys (i dont know what to call it, so thats my official name) but now its naked and cold. when i check on it sometimes, there would be bits of plants on the brick platform, so im pretty sure something is eating my beloved. if anyone has any home remedy insect repellent or enlightment on this matter, my plant & i thank you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


worked with a new artist friend today to add some new goodies to his site, check out the spiffy art by steven lawrence!

taking out my sexay friend julie out for birthday dinner. i decided not to join her for the mass birthday activity this year. you know how those go - you usually dont get to see the birthday girl the whole night AND you usually spend a fortune. plus everyone is a couple and thats kind of annoying too

Saturday, February 14, 2009

pass already

i seriously have not been more aware of a day passing slower than today. i've already helped my wedding planner friend at an event 10 am in the morning for free and for a couple that ive never met, been kicked out of a church for wearing a skirt that stops beyond my fingertips (hey at least i can go to catholic school), visited my old flowershop coworkers at my first job ever, got an offer for edition #2 of my "i think it turned black" munny art AND took a nice long nap. so far, its only 9:10pm and im so tired of this damn day. ive been asked if i wanted to go to a MOCA museum event, an impromptu v-day musical gathering of some sort from an unknown #, girls night out with some single gals, and boys night out with some single boys. somehow i feel like if i do any of this, im acknowledging that im suppose to be doing something, and to be honest, im almost perfectly happy blogging while bundled up in my warm blanket. whoever said valentines day was single-awareness day knew what they were talking about, i have not been this aware, this constantly...i think EVER.

Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

not sure how i feel about valentines day this year. last year i was perfectly happy being single and doing nothing. this year i refuse to make it any special sort of occasion, because in reality it isnt. i dont even want to celebrate the unspecialness of it, because in doing that wont i be acknowledging that its suppose to be something? ANYWAYS, i guess more on that tomorrow

tonight im going to see my friend's punk band AMONG THE DEAD play. i dont like punk music at all

Monday, February 9, 2009


our SENSES event went awesomely well this past Saturday, im seriously so proud of all of us!! i had amazing artists working with me, and an amazing team that was commited to putting on a great event. it was the first time ever that i had art work displayed publically (other than school shows) and that was definitely a new experience. it different being judged by your art and nothing else. fun times nevertheless, on to planning the march event!

something thats been annoying me lately is how lame my sister is. she compains that our kitchen is dirty, and she refuses to walk through it. i think the only time she walks through the kitchen is to get to the laundry room, but even then you can hear her annoying voice "aye, the kitchen is so dirty." so now, my parents (my mom mostly) has resorted to putting out food for her on our dining room table. SHE IS FICKING 36! when i get up in the morning, i would see nice tuppewares of food all laid out. (also, my sister use to complain that there was nothing to eat. in truth, she just sucks at scavenging) i come home in the afternoon and there would be empty tuppewares on our table. i mean, seriously, why have hands, why have feet if you are going to do NOTHING with them. what a lazy ass witch do you have to be if you are 36 and your mama is laying out food for you??! so now im going to eat the food first, just some, not all. so she can be hungry, she needs to lose weight anyways. so that brings me up to the main point. do you have to be difficult and complainy and ultra anal to deal with in order for people to lay out their lives at your feet? why does the world work like that?!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


SENSES is TODAY! im actually kind of nervous. we havent finalized what we wanted to do with the stands yet...i painted these USPS boxes all black, but the tape shows through. i guess were goign to have to mock set up to see how much of you can actually see and if it looks tacky. plus its raining (yay snow!) buckets, so thats going to be troublesome carrying all the art & stands to the venue. i hope everything comes together though, weve been working at this pretty hard!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i only have 1 pair of legs

tomorrow is going to be CRAAAAZY! im meeting with my old boss jon to print some tees at 11. then 11230 towards north hollywood to pick up 3 munnys from some cool disney folks. then 2 stops in pasadena to pick up my last two munnies of the day. (another one is coming along on saturday) then dropping everything off at home, and then out again to michaels or office depot for some munny stand ideas and purchases. AND to top it all off, i have to finish my own munny tomorrow....

oh yeah, a stop to the post office is fitting in there somewhere
and i spent 100 bucks on printer ink today, im not so =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its started

i need to seriously get going on my MUNNY that im showing on satruday at SENSES. i cut the hole for its missing heart yesterday, and painted it my favorite color: pink =) i think its quite happy