Saturday, February 27, 2010

im fancy: THE GORBALS

dinner at The Gorbals on a swanky friday night

-cute frindly edgy hostess
-standoffish waitress that didnt seem to want to bother with explaining the menu. then dont ask us if we have questions ok!
-please dont write your specials menu illegibly on a chalkboard door and expect people to read it correctly
-reading the menu was like reading a foreign language. 1 our of 3 words was foreign to me. 
-LOVE the atmosphere & the wooden block "bar stools". nice lighting & great mood
-saw Elia the other chef on TOP CHEF cooking in the kitchen. very cool
-none of the dishes came at the same time, not even close
-seriously? 5 mushy shrimp costs me $12?
-seriously? 4 dinky (although delicious) matzoh balls on a plate? you just look cheap at this point
-goat cheese toast with arugula salad pretty delish, but the toast was slightly burnt. confuses me as to whether this is intentional, then again, is "burnt" ever intentional?
-yummy steak, although a bit on the rare side. good portion
-the damage? $23/person. im almost full

overall experience ★★★ out of 5

restaurant with lots of potential, but sometimes bougie quirky qualities are NOT user friendly.

p.s. i LOVE the logo, not sure what its trying to convey or what mood i get, but its seeeexy ♥ 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

redesign & design

my candle site redesign has been placed on the back burner forever. i finally got around to designing a new home page, below is a sneak peak of whats to come

now all that i have to do is code & make it work! which actually, is not the forte of a graphic designer, and thats probably why its taking me so long. also in the works is my new site, exciting huh? (not so much yet, i know) its going to be tutorials on how to make candles, and also articles and resources of materials and equipment to start your own candlemaking hobby. am i afraid of competition? nah! why not create and help create?!