Thursday, September 10, 2009


so in the last couple of days, i been feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything thats happening. there are so many things to pay attention to, but theres no real meat (you know, like the good stuff) in my life and all that im doing & have. i actually started making a mental list, but it didnt all fit in my head, so here it is:

my personal website
my candle website
my personal etsy store
my candle esty store
my personal email
my professional email
my candle email
my company email
my personal twitter
my candle twitter
another twitter for bigsmilemag
my personal facebook
my personal mysapce
my candle facebook page
contributing some projects for a candle book
currently working on 1 homepage redesign for a travel site
working on temp page for a new client for health foods
working at samsung for the next three weeks
going to restart working on big smile magazine's site redesign
just picked up art for the art show
just picked up candles for the monthly art & handmade show

i think i know a good amount of contacts, how do i make magic happen with all that im doing? let the puzzle pieces fall into place please, fast

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

into "the rabbit hole"

sometime last weekend after helping my friend move into her new apartment, i was feeling increasingly depressed about my own living situation. remembering her mention that she found her apartment prospects on craigslist, i decided to do the same. from surfing apartments to jobs and finally landing on gigs, there are certainly some interesting "opportunities" out there. one of the postings was about a show that very weekend, looking for handmade items! my opportunistic brain immediately went DING and thus the email was sent. hearing back from the coordinator shortly, i got a fantastic response, thus ensuring me a space in the event! "The Rabbit Hole" its called, very cute i thought. unfortunately i was only able to drop off the candles & was unable to attend the actual event (although not thhhat sorry cuz i went on a super fun boating vacay, yes be jealoused).
the resulting of sales in the candles were however initially dissapointing: 2  L-O-V-E soy candles. now i find it a bit amusing that i have a check or $11.20 in my wallet. in the end, it was cool contact made & another way of putting myself out there. would definitely do it again, but i think now im raising my prices...for fun...

art repeats: "ill show you mine" nighthawks show

one day recently i was on myspace and in passing saw a call for art posting from a group called Nighthawks. i was involved with them last christmas when i vendored for one of their holiday promo events. my mind immediately went DING and i quickly submitted links to my munny piece "i think it turned black", which i thought was perfectly appropriate for the show, as the description in the posting read:

I'll Show You Mine . . .
NightHawksLA is currently accepting titillating submissions for our upcoming show "I'll Show You Mine . . . "
If your work seduces, entices, or exalts the taboo, please submit samples or links of your work..."

i mean seriously, my favorite kind of theme, and whats more perfect than the combination of music art & booze? (nothing) so anyways, the coordinator replied with great interest, thus im officially in the show! in the end, suprisingly enough i think i only saw two other artists' work hung that night besides mine. here is one of my favs by the photographer marianne williams.

titillating indeed! i really would like to hang that in my dream apartment. we also caught a set by this adorable band called seeing things. the lead lady vocalist was wearing these thigh-high stripey black & white stockings, cutest thing EVER.

anyways, event turned out pretty frickin cool, glad i could be a part of it!