Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the microbe story

as kokocandles, this season has been incredibly stressful. staying up till 3 to fill candle orders, going home after day job for this candlemaking night job, doing craft fairs on the weekends, post office trips before work & during lunchtime, dipping wax & tying bows extra fast to be more productive, at the end of this madness i found the perfect way to reward myself:

post-christmas and feeling rich, i was surfing the web and an item on the etsy front page caught my attention immediately. introducing the most frickin cute ass plush EVER: my christmas present to myself, the "microbe". check out other items in her shop - bubbletime. anyways, i am seriously in love. i feel a bit juvenile & silly, but it would almost seem ok if u wernt my friend anymore and all i have left is my microbe... (which might i add is WAY cuter than you are)