Wednesday, June 24, 2009

roses & birds & clay oh my!

recently did my first trade on etsy, here are the pieces i received! totally adorable, and feels like christmas in june =) check out the made with clay and love shop from where these awesome pieces came from!

white rose ring & a bluebird pendant (for my classy ladylike days)

black rose hair pins, these make me feel dark & emo (always an interesting change)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

movie fun

looking back at my recent activity in netflix, i realized in the pat month ive seen some pretty awesome, some serious good stuff that just sticks to you. here is my top 3 of the month

THE READER - i could definitely understand why this movie and its actors were nominated/won all the awards that it did. you kind of hope for a happy ending for the mismatched affair, and you even root for Hannah the war criminal.

THE PIANIST - wow, most depressing EVER. ive hear great things about the movie, but i've held out watching it until now...i think it was the title that seemed unappealing. i could not watch this movie in one sitting, and to realize that these events were real, i just cant even comprehend the potential cruelty of humans. definitely a movie that sticks to you.

DEAR FRANKIE - just watched, and loved it. all the actors & actresses did an amazing job, and i think the story wrapped itself up very well. one of those that i wish went on even longer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

shameless self promo #2

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some new works mixed in with the old! check out my store at