Monday, August 3, 2009

master cleanse: before the real deal

so exactly same time last year, i did the master cleanse for 7.5 days (i know, i broke that last day during dinnertime >.<) so when this time of year rolled around again, i decided that i couldnt wimp out and skip it. starting tomorrow, im MASTER CLEANSING! exciting huh? no, not eating really isnt that fun. for those skeptics out there though, this cleanse is pretty amazing. you will be suprised at how good you feel, how much junk is in your body, and how much self control you can have (my friend ate a fresh in-n-out burger right in front of me on the 6th day...both of us lived through it). anyways, dont think i will last 7.5 days this time around, my goal is 3. well see how it goes!