Saturday, February 28, 2009

photoshop + beer = shiny!

my good friend showed me this cool lil tutorial on how to make a realistic beer bottle in photoshop. i heart beer!

Friday, February 27, 2009

shameless self promotion

Thursday, February 26, 2009

thrice a week

so my new plan is to work out more than normal, which is none at all at the mo. In a weird way, opportunities have presented itself!

my fellow unemployed friend invited me to do outdoor yoga with her bright and early at runyon canyon yesterday. it felt really good to be outdoors and in the sun on such a beautiful day (i love california!!). im thinking once a week commitment to that wouldnt be the hardest thing ever.

last night, my other girlie asked me if i wanted to go hiking today. so we went to this cool little trail in altadena, where we had to cross like a gazillion times across this stream that ran through the trail. in the end though, theres this mini waterfall where i dipped my very happy tosies. i think i could to this once a week too!

just now, i registered for self defense class at the local community college. im the 4th one to enroll, apparently they cancel the class if they dont have 5 ppl! it also makes me wonder how good a class it is if no one is registering. maybe everyone already knows to to defend themselves? i once took a cake decorating class there and it ended up being only me, my friend, and the teacher. that was fun. anyways, i guess im waiting to hear back to see if my cool class will be canceled.

so thats the tentative plan, workin out 3 times a week. boy do i love variety!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

its like im working, only not getting paid

i had a crazy productive work day today....

lets start from the beginning. since my friend recently quit his job at IMG, he handed me off to someone else to financially advise me with all my (non)riches. so at 1130 this new dude promptly calls me for all my updated information. I must say, having my situation rephrased back to me is a pretty grim experience.

then i met up with my programmer friend at our local coffee & tea shop to talk about his new website & logo redesign. the current site looks like this, and we're looking to unclutter, organize and make it AWESOME! so thats oficially on the agenda of to-dos. we also came up with a GREAT iphone app idea, but i cant tell you want it is ;)

my new artist friend then joined in all the productivity fun as i finished our March SENSES art side flier, i think its lookin spiffy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sad bulb-y

so im going to take a momentary break from listening to my lover darren hayes and blog about my sad sad plant. for a while now, some mysterious insect is eating all the bulby "leaves", and now even the stalks are being eaten. all the naked stems use to be covered with happy thriving bulbys (i dont know what to call it, so thats my official name) but now its naked and cold. when i check on it sometimes, there would be bits of plants on the brick platform, so im pretty sure something is eating my beloved. if anyone has any home remedy insect repellent or enlightment on this matter, my plant & i thank you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


worked with a new artist friend today to add some new goodies to his site, check out the spiffy art by steven lawrence!

taking out my sexay friend julie out for birthday dinner. i decided not to join her for the mass birthday activity this year. you know how those go - you usually dont get to see the birthday girl the whole night AND you usually spend a fortune. plus everyone is a couple and thats kind of annoying too

Saturday, February 14, 2009

pass already

i seriously have not been more aware of a day passing slower than today. i've already helped my wedding planner friend at an event 10 am in the morning for free and for a couple that ive never met, been kicked out of a church for wearing a skirt that stops beyond my fingertips (hey at least i can go to catholic school), visited my old flowershop coworkers at my first job ever, got an offer for edition #2 of my "i think it turned black" munny art AND took a nice long nap. so far, its only 9:10pm and im so tired of this damn day. ive been asked if i wanted to go to a MOCA museum event, an impromptu v-day musical gathering of some sort from an unknown #, girls night out with some single gals, and boys night out with some single boys. somehow i feel like if i do any of this, im acknowledging that im suppose to be doing something, and to be honest, im almost perfectly happy blogging while bundled up in my warm blanket. whoever said valentines day was single-awareness day knew what they were talking about, i have not been this aware, this constantly...i think EVER.

Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

not sure how i feel about valentines day this year. last year i was perfectly happy being single and doing nothing. this year i refuse to make it any special sort of occasion, because in reality it isnt. i dont even want to celebrate the unspecialness of it, because in doing that wont i be acknowledging that its suppose to be something? ANYWAYS, i guess more on that tomorrow

tonight im going to see my friend's punk band AMONG THE DEAD play. i dont like punk music at all

Monday, February 9, 2009


our SENSES event went awesomely well this past Saturday, im seriously so proud of all of us!! i had amazing artists working with me, and an amazing team that was commited to putting on a great event. it was the first time ever that i had art work displayed publically (other than school shows) and that was definitely a new experience. it different being judged by your art and nothing else. fun times nevertheless, on to planning the march event!

something thats been annoying me lately is how lame my sister is. she compains that our kitchen is dirty, and she refuses to walk through it. i think the only time she walks through the kitchen is to get to the laundry room, but even then you can hear her annoying voice "aye, the kitchen is so dirty." so now, my parents (my mom mostly) has resorted to putting out food for her on our dining room table. SHE IS FICKING 36! when i get up in the morning, i would see nice tuppewares of food all laid out. (also, my sister use to complain that there was nothing to eat. in truth, she just sucks at scavenging) i come home in the afternoon and there would be empty tuppewares on our table. i mean, seriously, why have hands, why have feet if you are going to do NOTHING with them. what a lazy ass witch do you have to be if you are 36 and your mama is laying out food for you??! so now im going to eat the food first, just some, not all. so she can be hungry, she needs to lose weight anyways. so that brings me up to the main point. do you have to be difficult and complainy and ultra anal to deal with in order for people to lay out their lives at your feet? why does the world work like that?!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


SENSES is TODAY! im actually kind of nervous. we havent finalized what we wanted to do with the stands yet...i painted these USPS boxes all black, but the tape shows through. i guess were goign to have to mock set up to see how much of you can actually see and if it looks tacky. plus its raining (yay snow!) buckets, so thats going to be troublesome carrying all the art & stands to the venue. i hope everything comes together though, weve been working at this pretty hard!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i only have 1 pair of legs

tomorrow is going to be CRAAAAZY! im meeting with my old boss jon to print some tees at 11. then 11230 towards north hollywood to pick up 3 munnys from some cool disney folks. then 2 stops in pasadena to pick up my last two munnies of the day. (another one is coming along on saturday) then dropping everything off at home, and then out again to michaels or office depot for some munny stand ideas and purchases. AND to top it all off, i have to finish my own munny tomorrow....

oh yeah, a stop to the post office is fitting in there somewhere
and i spent 100 bucks on printer ink today, im not so =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its started

i need to seriously get going on my MUNNY that im showing on satruday at SENSES. i cut the hole for its missing heart yesterday, and painted it my favorite color: pink =) i think its quite happy