Thursday, May 28, 2009

im a promoting machine!

today has been a promotional day on steroids! having fallen asleep with my contacts on, and waking up at 3 to take them out, unfortunately i wasnt able to go back to sleep until the sun came peeking. what to do, what to do...DING! online social networking of course! i created a facebook page for kokocandles. i'd been semi stering away from it before, just because i alllllready have myspace for it, an etsy store, and a an actual kokocandles website. (not to mention, i also have my own graphic design site, my own facebook page, myspace page, plus twitter now) yes its hard to fit all of this in my brain sometimes.
on top of that, i have a couple of things up my sleeve! check out my links/ads on All Things Cupcake and The Money Web USA. i figured, why not right? we'll never know if we dont try! plus my dream is to live off of my candlemaking monay!

Monday, May 25, 2009

voice over site launched!

the voice over website i have been working on is officially launched! check it out at where you can listen to her demo reels, see her commercial vids & check out her latest projects! yipee!

what we did for her site: complete custom site design, logo & logotype design, custom music player, custom fav icon, video integration & seo work. aint it pretty

and the winner is...

CONGRATS lucky #8!

CeCe's Blankets said...


thanks to everyone who entered! check back often & follow @sprklo0 for new and upcoming contests & sales with kokocandles

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPREAD SOME LOVE candle giveaway by KOKOCANDLES (me)

i think all of us could use some extra love these days, and what better way than a candle giveaway!

(not available in my store! inspired by its taller friend)

-Check out kokocandles on etsy and come back here and tell me what your fav item is

-Follow @sprklo0 (me) on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway & link tweet here(1 extra entry)
-Friend me on myspace & link your myspace page here(1 extra entry)
-Tell me how you racked up karma points today (2 extra entries)
-Blog about this giveaway (3 extra entries!) & link post here
-Purchase something from my etsy shop, then leave a comment telling me what you purchased! (5 extra entries!!)

Deadline for comments/above: May 24th midnight PST. US & CANADA only (sorry rest of the world, shipping to yall is just too much $$!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

how to make a jack in the box head

my newest completed endeavor, made a jack head for my friend's business presentation. turned out to me a more extensive project than i expected, but im very happy with the results! here are the steps i took...

1 blow up beach ball of desired head size (the 99cent store one worked great!)
tissue paper (white)
tacky glue
paint (i used house paint, worked great! you will need white, black, red, yellow & blue)

wires 1(8 & 26 gauge)
floral tape

Transformers costumes from Spirit Halloween!

1. mix about 1 part tacky glue, 3 parts flour with 10 parts water for the paper mache mixture, this can be adjusted according to preference, i was not precise with the measurements at all. people usually use elmers glue, but i had tacky glue handy.
2. tear the newspaper into approximately 2" x 6" and 4" x 4" rectangles, saturate sheets one by one and apply to beach ball, leaving the area around the plug open. let dry completly
3. optional step: wire frame. quite complicated to explain, and i realized it could have been skipped. the wires added strength and support to the overall structure, but the paper mache itself would have held up without it. message me if you would like to know the steps i took to make the wire frame within the paper mache
4. paper mache the ball once more with newspaper, let dry. paper mache lastly with the white tissue paper & a tacky glue + water mixture only, let dry. this last step is to cover the newspaper print so its easier to paint, and also smoothes out any edges.
5. deflate beach ball and remove from paper mache. cut a circle into the paper mache on the bottom so your head can fit comfortably inside
6. paint entire paper mache with the white paint, let dry completly

now we are ready for the fun parts!

1. use the cardstock to make a cone about 3/4 height of the head, secure with tape so theres no edges. use the cardstock again to create the rim of the hat. the shapes of these pieces should resemble soemthing like the illustration. adjust accordingly, and tape to secure.
2. i paper mached the whole hat with white tissue paper just so its a better painting surface, and also to cover up the tape & edges
3. paint completely with yellow paint, let dry. apply a second layer if desired
4. poke a tiny hole about 1" above the bottom rim of the hat. repeat at the opposite side of the hat. (1)
5. place the hat on the head at desired spot, and poke holes accordingly through the paper mache, directly under where the holes were on the hat (2). poke another hole about 1/2" in from the ones we have on the jack head already (3).
6. string the 26g wire through the hat, and into the 2 holes on the head. refer to diagram for clarity!
7. from the inside of the head, pull the two ends of the wire taut and twist together. cut off any excess and bend into itself, so you dont poke yourself in the head

1. use the cardstock to make a skinny cone about 1/2 the length of the head. cut the pointy tip off, since jack's nose is blunt not pointy. cover the hole with tape
2. attach 3 extra cardstock tabs (about 1/2" width ) to the big end of the cone acount the edge, leaving about 1/2" poking out, secure with tape
3. paint entire nose with black paint, let dry completly
4. place the nose at the desired spot on the jack head (about the center of the face) and mark the location of the 3 tabs. use an exacto knife and cut slits into the head, exactly the size of your tabs.
5. insert the tabs into the jack head, and line with glue to secure. let dry


1. sketch out approximately the general outline of where the eyes & mouth will be
2. using an exacto knife, cut out the general shape of it, but slightly smaller (so your cutout will be a smaller version of actual eyes & mouth)
3. take the netting, put it over the eyes & mouth outline & trace slightly to transfer the shape onto the netting, & cut out the shapes with scissors
4. place the netting over the eyes & mouth holes, and secure with super glue (only a tiny dab in a couple of spots would work) let dry
5. paint within the outlines of the eyes & mouth with desired color, over the netting. let dry

now you have a jack in the head that you can actually breath in! yipee!

APY 60

Monday, May 4, 2009


started a new painting tonight. i was incredibly bored and had a crazy urge to read a book, but there were no books around calling to be read so i busted out my purples and reds instead. not sure how its going to turn out, but heres a peek