Friday, April 23, 2010

THE L WORD: season 3

The L Word, why are you getting so bad? i literally cant watch you anymore, i cant even keep you on the background. You started out pertty good in season 1, but its getting a lil ridiculous.

We watch shows and have entertainment so we can be entertained. Not to feel like what the hell is this crap and be mentally dragged down (or to watch a girl on girl sex scene for 5 whole minutes. really is this what your audience wants to see? because its kind of boring and not that hot). The characters has stopped evolving and repeats their own patterns. It seems like all they know how to do is follow their momentary passion/stupidity and fuck, even if they are in a freaking relationship (ie Jenny & Maxx, Bett & Tina, Shane & Carmen). Also, speaking of fuck, your show doesn't instantaneously become edgy when the character's every other word is "fuck" or a variation of it, it just gets kind of annoying and makes me think your writers cant write. Where did the wit and humor go, The L Word? Where did the story line go? Where did your talent go? Your characters are flat, boring, psycho, cheaters, and depressing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tattoo Art

a tattoo art i illustrated for someone a while ago