Thursday, July 2, 2009

all i gotta say is im amazing

got a call for a suuuuper rush job yesterday, supposedly converting an indesign file to html, no sweat right? little did i know, it was actually converting it into html newsletter, which i would like to add...i have never done before! it always seemed intimidating, and i never had the opportunity and motivation to learn it...until now (and by "now" i mean "today" - as in when the client wanted to launch it). so the launching of the actual newsletter didnt happen "today" but i have progressed from absolutely >.< into a very proud me! heres a screenshot of the top portion of it - yep, all html baby!
i hit QUITE a couple of snags along the way, but thank goooooodness to my fav programmer matt for answering his phone, i can now only wrinkle my nose at those distant snaggy memories. so i realized html newsletters were no big deal actually, but being able to build it in a way where it retains its beautiful self across the email services is a huge PAIN. (apparently backgrounds dont like to display itself in outlook) anyways...i think most of the big issues are solved now, and im just waiting for approval. yay me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the biz of weddings

i created a kokocandles page on project wedding a looooong time ago, and this whole time its been suffering from neglect. today i randomly got a linked request from one of the calligraphy vendors i had to interview when i took my wedding planning class. check out calligraphy katrina's work, her stuff is crazy good! anyways, this gave me a tiny spurt of motivation to list some new pics & update my descriptions. heres my kokocandles page on project wedding, its new and improved version!