Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sketchy sketch

i was just cleaning my bookshelf and going through old college work, and i found my sketchbook. heres the first sketches ever of my logo! what a trip down memory lane =)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

phones and companies

its 3:30 in the morning and i cant sleep. after an exhausting week and a whole sunday of lounging around followed by a long lazy cat nap, here i am. i finished my 1 week assignment at samsung, its been a week where nothing really happened, but many things changed. with the UX team, my job mainly consisted of updating screenshots of the UI screen, updating new measurements & coordinates of these screenshots in their guidelines, and in the end i actually got to make some of these guidelines! (yes, its actually semi exciting..in a sitting down sort of way). working on these reminded me a lot of web design, and i really have to say, my phone screen will never seem same way again.
this past week was also a HUGE moment for one of my new ventures. starting a design company has been in the talks for month and months now with me and some graphic design friends. we officially registered our company, and opened a business account!! having the official papers in front of me made it seem so unreal...this may be my biggest project yet. more to come on my exciting and cool company! =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

blurry eyes: day 2

blogging while waiting for my very slow friend to arrive so we can fiiiiinally go out for dinner. day 2 out of 5! ...and and tired as ever. its been another uneventful mellow day, i wish i sat closer to my coworkers so i can have a semi decent conversation without having to cross whole rooms. i named one of the plants on my table Charlie, and i learned how to work the fancy water/ice dispenser today on the fancy samsung refrigerator. yep, a day in the life...

Monday, April 20, 2009

eyes are blurry

started my first day today with samsung's user interface design department, day 1 of 5. now i remember why i left the production gig at disney. from the moment you get in the office until the moment you get out, its like real life doesnt happen, you are just a machine for the corporation. the cute thing about the office is that they have lushy green plants all over the surfaces, so its actually quite a nice open space to work. the not so good thing is that im using a peecee, and now my brain is confused (yes, a bit more than usual) with all the shortcuts. why is the CTRL button on the PC keyboard all the way on the far left?? my pinky has never felt so stretched. also, no one really sits near me, so im craving some human interaction

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fuzzy warm feelings

its been a bit over a year now since i first met my awesome disney coworkers, and ironically only one of us is still there (actually the one that took over my work when i decided to leave). the majority of the time we sat in this cute lil green office that uncomfortably-ish fit 4, thus named it the "bull pen". whats also ironic is what we were the bottom of the food chain, mostly production artists, an intern, and a designer that lost his cube to an art director, but we had the most fun there EVER! i had a grand idea to get together everybody and have our bull pen anniversay get-together. (yep, i look for all excuses to celebrate) after a tough scheduling and an even tougher rescheduling, only milan, alex and me out of the 5 were able to make it. after a teensy moment of discouragement, we ended up having dinner anyways at our fav japanese soul food restaurant in north hollywood called Dai Chan. What an amazing time with amazing good friends. i've really come to realize that everybody's life is exactly the result of what they built, and really, you can do anything you want to do. so what kind of day are you going to build today?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i used to drag my ex out all the time to see performances by this dance company called hysterica, but i havent been in a while. my good friend currently manages them, so i heard about their new show "crust" @ the unknown theater in hollywood (dont you just love the name of the theater!). i went tonight with my gal pal milan, and it was unreal. very modern dance show, with costume becoming the set while the dancers performed in minimal "outfits"... you will know what i mean if you see it. overall an amazing & inspiring night

i also used to design their promotional materials when i was in college! see it in my online portfolio!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

drippy paperclips

saw these the other day while i was out shopping with my gal pal. i have never been so amused by a paperclip holder before! if i had money to burn, this would be on my desk already =)