Monday, March 30, 2009

play me

right now im in the process of designing the portfolio site for an voice over actress marlo, and we want to put up some of her sound clips pretty soon. i just designed this player for it, and im reeeeally liking how it turned out. now i just have to make it work! the flower is going to twirl when it plays, is this too ambitious a goal? >.<

also listening to oak & gorski while designing, they are AMAZING! ...makes my right brain happy

Sunday, March 29, 2009


so we decided with the logo design above! one down, now onward to biz card & promotional postcard...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

green t

currently working on a logo redesign for a garment printing business called Green T Industries, the boss is deciding between these two logos, what do you think?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

drink up

my munny art titled "Drink Up, B*tch" for our march SENSES show themed "Lucky." cant go wrong with beer, this inspiration came from my friend when we were out for cuban food. i know, i roxor

Thursday, March 19, 2009

pretty in pink

recently i started working on a website (check out her etsy page, she makes jewelry!) for a friend of a friend. she does voice over work, which is actually really cool! heres a peek of what we have so far...

her style is cutesy & girly, so i think the logo (freshly designed, thank you very much) and colors goes well with the image she is trying to project. we have a temp contact page up at the moment, take a lookie here! reel & vids coming soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and the winner is...

CONGRATS lucky #7!
(wow how appropriate!)
Sabreena said...

My favorite thing to do on St. Patty's day is to eat the seasonal Lofthouse soft baked sugar cookies with green sprinkles. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

ST PATRICKS DAY candle giveaway by KOKOCANDLES (me)

whats a better way to celebrate st. patricks day than cupcakes without the calories! (drinking green beer is also at the top of the list)


-Check out kokocandles on etsy and come back here and tell me what your fav item is
-Follow @sprklo0 (me) on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway & link your tweet here

-Friend me on myspace
-Tell me whats your fav thing to do on St Pattys day OR your most memorable one

Deadline for comments/above: March 16th midnight PST. US only.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

t-shirts t-shirts everywhere

had another one of those days where i worked ultra hard but dont getting paid. i met up early with my friend to visit his business partner for the grand redesign project. his friend owns a screen printing company, their office was pretty cool, and seeing all the works in progress makde me want to learn how to screen print! the meeting went well, they had a lot of other great ideas they want to implement during this redesign, and i think its going to be a pretty awesome site! dont forget to sign up! =)

afterwards i met up with my usual work buddy at the tea shop and worked on a logo job i have right now. coincidentally, its also for a t-shirt printing business, called "green t industries". these guys though use a garment printer instead of screen printing, so the textures are a bit different plus they can print more colors & gradients. im showing the logos tomorrow, so i need to finalize tonight!

if anyone is ever looking for stickers, car vinyls or t shirts (or anything else printed on fabric i suppose), let me know cuz i got some awesome sources!

Monday, March 9, 2009


some pics i took on a recent trip to SD

paoling-che-photo-cheese-rockthis rock reminds me of cheese

Sunday, March 8, 2009

thoughts on a lazy sunday afternoon

im in a weird mood today, maybe also because im about 20% feeling the effects of being out late last night. senses was another success, its pretty amazing to see the talents of all the artist & their point of views. a lot of cool people came out too, even a girl that i only met once previously at a craft event, and a guy that i havent even seen in years that i had social dance class together with. overall we had a huge turnout for the art side, and im so grateful to everyone who came out to support!

i got to thinking today about the art that i make. i left disney last october when my contract was up so i can do things that i really wanted to do. ultimately, i think i was just craving to be creative again. nowadays, im painting regularly, im taking self defense classes, im working on a couple of websites for trade, im hiking & doing yoga in the beautiful outdoors, but im still lacking in direction. living completely off of my savings plus and staying at my parents house, im not sure what my next move is.

i was at a rock you future event this past week. rock your future is a class at cal poly, where students visit high schools & middle schools to talk to kids about going to college. i went in and out of some of the sessions, taking pictures of the kids & our speakers. basically the whole point is to get the kids interested in the idea of college, and learn about what it has to offer them, since a lot of the schools we go to are in the lower income areas. the speakers were talking about how college is extremely important for success in the future, and how you wouldnt be wanting to live at home when you are 24 or 25. (darnit, thats me.) when the session was done and we met up with everybody afterwards, one of my old classmates that i havent seen since graduation approached me to say hi, and i asked her how she was doing nowadays, and she replied "oh, you know, work" unenthusiastically. it got me thinking...we are here to talk about going to college (which is fantastic and the kids definitely could use some encouragement) but where does it really get us anyways? is it so we can get a job that we are unenthusiastic about? is having a job the only sensible way to go about life? whats the point of all this if we are just ending up unhappy anyways?

so i have concluded:
job = (usually) not so happy = "direction in life"
unemployment = im quite happy = lack of direction

Friday, March 6, 2009

another pre-senses friday

its going to be another crazy friday! first an artist is comin by in the am to drop off his art pieces, then im heading over to north hollywood to pick up a canvas from my gal pal. then over to disney family department to pick up canvases & munnies from some cool disney folks. then im coming home to work on my own piece some more. at 9 tonight another artist is dropping off his munny at my house, then immediately after im heading to downtown starbucks to meet with with another artist to pick up his art.

another 2 artists havent set up a time to drop off yet, PLUS i still need to make more stands for the show tomorrow. no, im not having that much fun

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

smilin big!

met up with my friend today for our weekly redesign meeting. it hurt my brain, but heres a tid bit of how it looks like so far, this is their current site. also, the logo is newly redesigned, very exciting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i just had my first self defense class today, and it was FUN! the class is held at ELAC, whos actually doing some construction right now, so i had a tough time finding the entrance of the gym. its like you see it, but theres no way to get to the door! anyways, the setup was a bit ghetto, with itty bitty foam mats spread across the floor, so the whole time in the middle of pinning your partner down, we are just constantly adjusting the mats so we dont trip over them. there was one official teacher, and about 10 minutes into the class, another dude came in an was co-teaching with him. they kept on trying to give different directions...mixed messages in self defense learning is not that effective. the class went like 40 mins over because the co-teacher had no concept of time and the official teacher went to teach his childrens karate class. overall it was pretty fun, i learned how to bring someone down to the floor. plus there a cute guy in the class ;)